TOP 9 intriguing series about the mysterious murders

Usually nothing happens in small towns: life goes on as usual and the locals do not even think about crime. For this reason, any strange and unexpected events taking place in such places cause a real stir. This is an ideal decoration for remote settlements, where everyone knows each other by sight. We talk about the best series with mysterious murders in small towns.

Murder on the Beach (Broadchurch) (2013-2017)

Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller returns to work after her maternity leave. True, another person is already working in her place — Alec Hardy. On the beach of the town of Broadchurch, the body of an 11-year-old boy is found, so the sergeant decides to postpone the showdown and begins work on the case with a newly minted colleague. Everything is complicated by the behavior of the inhabitants of the town: they lie, hush up important details, and seem to intentionally confuse the tracks. Someone hints at the actions of higher powers, and someone tries to switch the attention of the investigation to another. Journalists intervene in the case, which only inflames the situation. The people of Broadchurch are ready to commit lynching, and the detectives still can’t find the killer. Despite the presence of evidence, the main characters still do not go on the trail of the criminal, being unable to tie all the strings together.