TOP 8 new cartoons for children

To please children, it is enough just to keep them company to watch a new cartoon. Moreover, new projects will be interesting for adults as well – often they have a deeper meaning and funny humor that is understandable to everyone. We talk about 8 cartoons that kids will definitely like.

Encanto (2021)

The plot tells about the life of the Madrigal family. They live in a magical house that is built far away in the mountains of Colombia. The family home is located in a charming corner called Encanto. The magic that exists only in this area has endowed every child of the Madrigals with an amazing gift. Someone knows how to heal other people, and someone has superpowers. Only the young Mirabelle remained without abilities. Upon learning that Encanto’s magic is in danger, the main character decides that it is she who is able to save her family and her magical home.