TOP 22 Russian TV series worthy of attention in 2021

2021 was rich in high-profile premieres of films and series. Russian directors also did not stand aside — comedies, dramas, thrillers appeared on the screens, which riveted to the screens from the first episodes. Each of the stories is distinguished by a well-thought-out plot, a good cast and high-quality filming. We talk about 22 series worthy of your attention.


The protagonist of the series is a young IT specialist Denis Titov. Despite his young age, he has already become popular by creating a popular mobile application. But the guy has a serious problem — he has cancer. The hero’s mother decides that the only way to save her son is to take him to an old monastery near the remote village of Topi. Denis could only agree with her and leave Moscow. They are joined by other heroes — girlfriends Katya and Sonya, journalist Maxim and Elya, who is trying to escape from the groom, whom they are trying to force her to marry. Each of the heroes has their own good reasons to go away from the capital. True, what awaits them in the Swamps will make them reconsider their outlook on life.