TOP 15 series for fans of intricate detective stories

Many detective series are often repeated, so they do not arouse public interest. Because of this, many projects can go unnoticed. But among them there are really worthy stories that can intrigue from the first to the last series. We talk about 15 series that fans of detective stories will definitely appreciate.

Lie to me (2009-2011)

The plot revolves around the life and work of Dr. Lightman. He has his own agency, the Lightman Group, which is often approached by government officials, heads of state, FBI agents and those who have been wrongly accused of a crime. The doctor’s special skill is the ability to instantly recognize any lies with the help of microfacial expressions. The hero understands that a person cannot consciously control all his words or gestures, therefore he always pays special attention to trifles. But gradually a man understands that it is very difficult to live in a world where you know only the truth. Especially when you have to continue to do your job, while at the same time trying to solve personal and family issues.