TOP 12 intriguing films with Jason Statham

Jason Statham has almost 50 films to his credit. As a rule, the name of the actor is associated with militants, where he appears as a hired killer or a hero who wants to take revenge on the offenders. Among these stories there are more interesting projects with famously twisted plot. We talk about the 12 best works from the filmography of the actor.

Cards, money, two barrels (1998)

The story is about four friends who live in London. They are more into weird escapades than normal jobs. The heroes managed to collect 25 thousand pounds each so that one of them took part in a card game with a criminal and an experienced cheater. The organizer knows about the guy’s luck and skill, so he decides to play it safe and rule out an honest victory for the player. So the heroes lose 500 thousand and remain in debt, and only a week was given to pay them off.