TOP 10 exciting series about the war

Many series and films have been shot about various wars and even small local conflicts. Somewhere the emphasis is on love lines, somewhere the focus is on stories of madness, cruelty and patriotism. Every story is good in its own way. We talk about the most exciting military series that keep you in suspense until the last episode.

Catch-22 (2019)

This is an unusual military mini-series filmed in the comedy genre. He talks about the events of 1944. In the center of the plot is a bomber pilot. The hero chose this position due to long preparations and training, hoping that by the time the training was over, the war would be over. The man wants to retire, but he can’t: the command is constantly increasing the number of sorties. The protagonist finds a way out: he decides to tell everyone that he is crazy. But because of one trick, he finds himself in a bureaucratic trap. Willingness to take part in hostilities is listed as insanity, so filing a petition for removal due to insanity is considered a sign of sound mind.