TOP 10 Netflix series that are undeservedly talked about

Netflix occupies a high position in the modern industry of production of series and films. Many projects receive good ratings and many positive reviews. But not all series were appreciated — many interesting stories were undeservedly ignored. We talk about 10 series that will captivate the audience with original stories and intricate twists.

Away (2020)

The story is about female astronaut Emma Green. She has been assigned to lead an international team on a difficult 3-year mission to Mars. The heroine will have to leave her little daughter and husband for several long years, but at the same time she understands that it is her direct duty to fly to another planet. Also in the team are a Chinese woman, an Englishman, a Russian and an Indian. Each of them also has relatives and relatives on Earth who remain to wait for their heroes. Crew members reveal themselves during the flight, talking about their own injuries, problems and personal dramas.