TOP 10 most popular movies from Netflix

Netflix named the ten most popular films that were created specifically for broadcast on the streaming platform. They were watched by millions of viewers from different parts of the world, because these films definitely deserve your attention.

Tyler Rake: Operation Rescue (2020)

The story begins with the kidnapping of a teenager, the son of an Indian drug lord, who at that time was in prison. Behind this is the gang of his main competitor. The man turns to a group of mercenaries to bring the boy home at any cost. Such a responsible task is entrusted to Tyler Rake, a former Australian special forces soldier and an illegal mercenary. Rescuing a guy is not so easy: he is being held in the capital of Bangladesh, in a building surrounded by rivers from almost all sides. Tyler has to fulfill the order and take the boy to a safe place. But to do this in a city where a real hunt has been declared for him is very difficult.