TOP 10 new movies from Netflix in 2021

2021 was rich in interesting films and series. Projects from Netflix are no exception. The list includes pictures of different genres — from action movies to comedies. We talk about 10 new films worthy of attention.

Thunder Power

The comedy film starts from 1983. Then the mysterious cosmic rays endowed some people with superpowers. Unfortunately, due to the mutation, many of the «lucky ones» turned out to be real sociopaths, who received the nickname Villains. Two 40-year-old friends decided to fight with them. One of them invented a device that allows you to give any person superpowers. The women saw it as a chance to become heroines and cleanse the world of Villains.

In March 1983, a beam of cosmic rays struck the Earth, as a result of which some people gained superpowers. Due to an incomprehensible genetic mutation, these lucky ones turned out to be citizens with obvious sociopathic inclinations. They became known as Villains. A few years later, two high school students become best friends. Smart Emily’s parents died at the hands of the Villains, and the girl vowed to find a way to acquire superpowers herself, and cheerful and courageous Lydia did not particularly care about anything.