The most important medical discoveries of 2021

Even in a pandemic, when the whole world seems to have stopped, scientists continued to make important discoveries for all of humanity. We talk about the most significant achievements of medicine in 2021.

Galleri’s blood test

The Galleri test helps to identify at least 50 different types of cancer. The process uses artificial intelligence and modern genetic sequencing technology. This makes it possible to study extracellular VCT, which is carried by healthy and tumor cells throughout the body. After testing the performance of the assay, it was found that the sensitivity equates to a rate of 51.5%. The test involved 4077 patients, 2823 of whom had oncology. Sensitivity also depends on the stage of tumor development — the larger the stage, the higher the likelihood of making a diagnosis from a blood test. According to the researchers, in 89% of cases, Galleri analysis helped to determine the exact location of the tumor. Now the study continues in the UK and a wider range of subjects — each of them will be regularly tested for 2 years. In 2023, the first test results will appear.