Signs That Help Share Caring and Control in a Relationship

Total control and care are often not distinguished, because the line between them can be very thin. Often it is blurred, so people cannot see the real intentions of the second half. If this concern causes feelings of guilt, fear and misunderstanding — it’s time to think and rethink the relationship. We tell you what may be behind the desire to care.

1. Only one person agrees to compromise.

Loving and caring people are willing to make concessions to ensure that both parties meet their needs. If only one person constantly gives in, forgetting about their desires, such a relationship will not be happy. People who are prone to control do not want to find a common language: they get their way by any means, and your feelings do not matter to him.

2. Arrangements are kept by one person.

Each couple sets their own rules. If over time a person ceases to comply with them, violates the agreements, but demands their fulfillment from you, it’s time for a serious conversation.