Signs of wealth that were previously considered the lot of the poor

Any things, services or ideas that are gaining popularity begin to be used only as an object of doing business. Entrepreneurs advertise them, improve them and come up with different ways of distribution, with which the cost increases. We talk about what everyone could afford before, but today only wealthy people use it.

1. Once, only poor people lived near the sea and other bodies of water: mostly fishermen who ate fish and seafood. Today, such places have become chic resorts where you can’t get in for free.

2. Previously, farm products cost mere pennies and were sold on almost every corner. Today, their price tags are significantly higher, since against the background of ordinary store goods, such products are of better quality, natural and safer.

3. Podcasts — the original replacement for the usual radio. If earlier everyone listened to it, today you will have to pay for a subscription, and also listen to advertising.

4. Even 20 years ago, clothes from different fabrics were sewn out of necessity — in order to save money. Today, such models are much more expensive and are called designer exclusives.