Why You Should Allow Your Child to Be Aggressive

Children from an early age receive a complete ban on all manifestations of aggressive behavior. Parents want their son or daughter to be as comfortable as possible, and at best invisible. “Give in”, “calm down” — all that many heard in their youth. But there is another option, when parents try to teach children to always fight back. Both methods of education are not useful, because it is important to show how you can show aggression in an environmentally friendly way.

How healthy aggression manifests itself

Healthy aggression is an energy that helps you clearly separate the wants and needs of others from your own needs. If a child does not want to give his bucket in the sandbox to another kid, these are manifestations of healthy aggression in the form of defending his desires. If a teenager wants to choose a profession on his own or does not want to relax with his parents in the country, this is completely healthy aggression. When an adult expresses unwillingness to respond to messages in work chats on vacation or on weekends, this is also healthy aggression. This internal energy is needed, as it helps in clearly limiting personal boundaries, making money, achieving goals and in various life situations.