Unexpected facts about men that they will not tell

Statistics show funny facts about men: they spend about a year of their lives looking at women, lie 2 times more often, live less, eat more in the presence of women, and many others. Consider unexpected facts about the representatives of the stronger sex, which they themselves might not know.

Men bend down to pick up something

Most men bend down to pick up a dropped object, while women are more likely to sit down. Most likely, this is not affected by physiological characteristics. It’s just that girls often wear tight or short clothes, so bending over for them will be problematic or simply uncomfortable. But men’s things rarely hamper movement.

Men keep their hands on their belt to get a woman’s attention.

This posture helps a man show that he is strong, courageous and responsible. A similar ritual appeared in ancient times, when there were no trousers or belts. Males, to impress the female, showed their crotch. Today, such movements would be considered indecent, but, holding on to the belt, the man still unconsciously points to the genitals.