The main signs that you are in a good relationship

It is always better for friends and grandmothers from the yard to know what kind of relationship you have. They are ready to convince you of the need to part, that you are not loved and respected. Unfortunately, many listen to the negative from the outside, forgetting about the really important signs of true love and good relationships.

1. The guy didn’t pay the bill on the first date.

If a young man has not paid for a girl, this does not mean that he is a bad or greedy person. Perhaps he did not have money, he was confused or afraid to put you in an awkward position.

2. Meets his friends.

Scientists have found that a fulfilling social life improves health, elevates mood and reduces stress levels. If a man has friends, you should give him free space and not interfere with communication. Each of us needs to spend time not only with a partner, but also with other people.