Facts about the rich people of the past, which today seem wild

The life of wealthy people of past centuries may seem like a fairy tale: servants, delicious food, no need to work, beautiful hairstyles and luxurious dresses. True, everything is so beautiful only in books and films. In fact, the existence of rich girls and guys can hardly be called so carefree and joyful.

  • Social life was not at all fabulous, because sometimes even the rich had a hard time just because of the foundations of that time. When the ball season began, people could only sleep for a few hours. Long dances in stuffy halls with tightly tightened corsets were not without consequences: the girls often lost consciousness, and sometimes began to get seriously ill.
  • At the end of the reception, there was nothing left of the beauty of the girls because of the terrible stuffiness. Makeup flowed smoothly onto the dresses, which often no longer succumbed to washing and were simply thrown away.