Characters that are much deeper than you thought

Spectators are always attracted by complex characters with a difficult fate. Often the antagonists are characters whose motivations only begin to be revealed over time. They show real character by being honest with themselves first. We tell the details from the life of the characters, which allow you to look at them from a different perspective.


The heroine of the film «Thor: Ragnarok» was first perceived as an antagonist. She did terrible things, but not because of an evil entity. Her father himself endowed the goddess of death with great power, gave her power, and then simply imprisoned his daughter, turning away from her. Hela also had the right to the throne and a happy life, but a loved one turned the heroine into a monster.


Despite the halo of anger, the hero of The Master and Margarita was a fair character. Despite the enormous power, not a single innocent person suffered at the hands of the master of the forces of Darkness. He makes relevant remarks, tries to please Margarita, warns the villains about their fate and tries to correct all the «sins» of the capital’s inhabitants — groveling, greed and denunciation.