What happens to the body after giving up meat

The debate about the benefits and harms of vegetarianism will never subside. Most often, the moral side of the issue is discussed, but the physiological component should also be taken into account. Let’s figure out what happens to the body after a person refuses meat.

1. Weight loss.

People who stop eating meat can lose about 4.5 kilograms in a month. At the same time, they do not need to increase physical activity or reduce the number of calories — it’s just a plant-based diet.

2. An increase in the number of protective bacteria in the intestines.

The intestinal microflora of vegetarians and meat eaters is very different. According to research, the former have more protective bacteria. But changes take time, so at first people may suffer from bloating and increased gas production. The intestines will gradually adjust to the new diet, but at first the body will lack the necessary enzymes.