Actresses who don’t give
theirs answer «yes» to the famous stealers of hearts!

You can often hear that a famous womanizer has started a new romance. However, even such loving men who like women sometimes fail. Then impregnable actresses become an unsung song for womanizers, which is remembered for a lifetime.

Renata Litvinova VS Mikhalkov

Actress Renata Litvinova kept secret for a long time that Nikita Mikhalkov himself showed signs of attention to her. Only recently, the artist decided to tell the whole truth. Persistent courtship on the part of the director was during the filming of the film «It doesn’t hurt me.» Litvinova offered Mikhalkov only friendship, to which he had to agree. However, there were persistent rumors about the romance of two talented people, who themselves fueled these rumors when they went out together. In fact, two talented creative people are still united only by friendship.