15 most interesting films with Leonardo DiCaprio

Titanic, Diary of a Basketball Player, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape — these films brought Leonardo DiCaprio worldwide fame. The actor has an extensive filmography filled with pictures of different genres. The star manages both the role of a romantic young man in love and a strong-willed man with a gun in his hand, so he looks organic in all projects. We talk about the 15 best films with Leonardo DiCaprio that look in one breath.

Catch Me If You Can (2002)

The story tells about the life of a talented swindler who operated in the 60s. The plot is based on real events, and the main character has a real prototype. 16-year-old Frank Abagnale Jr. moves from New York to another city due to his father’s financial problems. He experiences the crisis of the “newcomer at school” in an original way. Taking advantage of the absence of a French teacher, the guy introduces himself to them. He teaches, grades, gives homework, and even takes students on field trips. The scam is revealed only after a week. Soon the guy finds out about the divorce of his parents and runs away from home. This is where his life as a fraud begins. He forges the airline pilots’ check, buys uniforms, and gets a job as a pilot. Flying all over the world, Frank earns $ 3 million in fraudulent ways. An FBI agent finds out about such a mysterious criminal and begins to investigate. True, it will not be so easy to catch a guy who easily changes his profession from a lawyer to a doctor and easily reincarnates.