10 Common Mistakes We Make When Using Cosmetics

Women often face the problem of inappropriate cosmetics, when the product does not live up to expectations. But it’s not always the manufacturer: sometimes we don’t think that we ourselves can make mistakes in using the product. Let’s talk about the most popular of them.

Shake the lacquer bottle

This is done to achieve a more uniform pigmentation and blending of all components. But for such an effect, it is enough to turn over and rub the bottle between the palms. Due to the heat, the composition becomes homogeneous. Shaking, especially vigorous, will lead to the appearance of bubbles in the composition. The same will happen if you pull out and put the pussy in several times. Due to the air, the varnish will not be distributed smoothly and evenly over the nail plate.

Apply powder immediately after applying makeup

The main purpose of using powder is to achieve a light matting effect. If you apply it on a loose foundation (also in excess), then the product will accumulate in folds, wrinkles and roll off. In order not to encounter such a problem, you need to wait a bit, and then sometimes blot especially oily areas with special napkins. It is also not recommended to apply powder on the entire face — the T-zone will be quite enough.